Saturday Ride to Clifton, Virginia

Welcome to CliftonIn the middle of the hustle and bustle of Northern Virginia, is Clifton. A small and quiet, yet busy little town amongst the trees, farms, and homes. Clifton was declared a National Historic District is 1985.

We decided to head to Clifton on the bikes for a quick afternoon ride, since it isn’t all that far from where we live. I have always enjoyed going to Clifton for a little day trip as it always feels like we have gone a few hundred miles instead of just 20.

The roads throughout Clifton are rolling with quick turns, so we rode around the town for a good 30 minutes, passing by Paradise Springs (Fairfax County’s first and only winery) and Hemlock Overlook Regional Park.

The mansions homes in the area are quite large, but very beautiful and scenic. Only about 200 residents reside in Clifton, and some of the homes date back to the 1800’s.

We decided to head back into town, where we parked the bikes, and got a couple brews (Jake and Frank did), and some ice cream (I got the ice cream, yummy). The “downtown” area isn’t much, but the atmosphere is what draws people in. Clifton’s Main Street is situated right on the railroad tracks that feed into Washington D.C., which is only 30 minutes away.

The General Store is also The Main Street Pub, so you can grab some drinks and/or some lunch and relax right on the main drag, or you can cross the street to eat at Trattoria Villagio to enjoy some wine with your meal, and Little Villagio, a little market. After lunch you can head to the Clifton Café to grab some coffee, or to grab some dessert at Peterson’s Ice Cream Depot. The town also has many other little shops to explore as well, so you won’t get bored.

(pictures downloaded via Google)

So if you want a day to get out of city without going too far, Clifton is that place.

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